Aliens have been watching us earthlings for centuries. We were getting attention. They admired our existence. They decided not to run to us, so as not to disturb this charmony. Their fascination became religion. Separate Christianity and already the highest Catholicism. Poles have become a nation of choice. The aliens considered themselves hard-core participants in all the ceremonies and church events watching them through their advanced devices.
When the criticism of the Papacy intensified and the church's conduct and strategy began to appear to them as threatening the Catholic faith, aliens decided to come to earth. Their goal was to take over all priests, monks and people cooperating with the church. Some towns in Poland resisted defending their porobszcz and their presbytery, the aliens had to use force. There was no bloodshed.
Dozens of UFOs took the priests and flew off the ground. After a long journey through the galaxies, the transport landed on a planet friendly to human biology. A replica of Notre Dame Cathedral was also built there. Priests moved into numerous parsonages. The Catholic religion has taken over the entire galaxy. Meanwhile, on earth, only empty churches and legends remained. In Poland, most people converted to Buddhism. We have become a free nation.
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